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The Zambians use several phrases here that don’t mean quite what they mean to us in the states.   I wanted to jot them down here so I never forget…

1.  She has shifted.  This means she has moved or changed locations.

2.  It is just okay.  This means that it is fine.  Sounds like they really don’t like something.

3.  Where do you stay?  This means where do you live?

4.  I am asking….  The Zambians start almost every question with this phrase.

5.  The family lives that side.  This means they live over there.

6.  I like the game of football.  This means they like soccer, not American football.

7.  They use the word “sure” like we use “really?”  when we are in disbelief.

8.  That is so silly.  The Zambians take this word to mean insane and a sort of insult.

9.  I like your t-shirt.  Not only does this mean they like what we are wearing but they want AND expect you to give it to them.

10.  May I please have chips with the chicken?  They are asking for french fries.

11.  Just coming.  This means I am on my way.

12.  “Sorry, sorry , sorry!”  This is said when you hurt yourself, sneeze, or drop something.

13. May I please take a snap?  This means to take a picture.

14. My favorite subject is maths.  I like how they call it maths, not math.

15.  I need to wear a jersey today because it is cold.  A jersey is a jacket.

16.  My geyser (pronounced geezer)  is not working.  A geyser is a hot water heater.

17.  Would you like air con?  Air con is air conditioner.

Zambians put a long e sound at the end of many words and also tend to leave out the long e sound on words that end in y.  Example:  I pointed to the American embassy on Saturday and asked what that was.  The response was, “that is the American Embass.”

The sound of l is typically pronounced as an “r.”

I know there are hundreds of other differences.  I love observing these things.  We might have differences but we are the same in Christ!

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