Final days

I really dread writing those words…final days in Africa.  The children and I all agree that this has been the fastest 2 months EVER!  We have settled in here just fine and really don’t have a big desire to pack up and go back to the other side of the pond.

Of course my main job for the past two months is about to end when the majority of the Americans go home on Saturday but I still feel like there is soooo much to be done.  My husband can vouch for that!!!  He has mixed feelings about our departure as well!  This culture and his work here seem to fit him like a glove and he excels in all that he does (not that this surprises anybody about my great man).  He has been extremely productive and proactive during his 11 week stay but claims that there is so much more ground time needed.

Life will pretty much pick up quickly once we return to Texas on Tuesday.  I am praying that the Lord will give us desires to do what we are called to do (for me, that means teaching) b/c we are very focused on the here and now.  Hopefully once we step on American soil our attitudes will change.  The children will attend Sky Ranch on Sunday, even Little Miss (this is her first time).  They are very excited and we are all thankful for this opportunity for the children to enjoy some summer activities before the busy fall arrives.  I am planning on accomplishing a lot for the upcoming school year while they are gone.  I have to attend 3 days of training that week (boo) and then start full time again on the following Monday so I won’t have a lot of play time with my own children.  I will confess that even though I have not spent TONS of alone time with my children, I have greatly enjoyed just letting them be kids around here and not having to rush out the door every morning.  I am busy, esp. in the late afternoons and evenings, but the kids and I have been able to be a bit more relaxed.  And that makes for a HAPPY momma which makes for a HAPPY family!

I received some bummer news last week.  The husband and I were certain that our house was re-listed back on June 15.  I  told the realtor we wanted it sold while we were gone.  Our tenants kindly agreed to show it for us and keep the house tidy and we signed power of attorney over to my dad to take care of business.  Well…..our realtor did not do as I had asked and now we are back at the same place we were this time last year.  UUUGH!

The husband and I are a bit confused at this time about what we are suppose to do.  We have no attachments to our little house other than the fact that we own it.  We want out of the town we live in but we can’t seem to focus on buying a new one.  Not sure if we are just scared or simply not focused being here and living a complete different life.  Once again, we hope that once we are back in the states, things will fall into place and we will be able to do the right thing.

Well, I best get moving on my day.  The kids are up and Kaleigh has arrived to motivate the kids for their second day of  “Race around the Village.”  I am certain I will be documenting the event later….

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