Monthly Archives: August 2011

Our last day in Zambia (a few weeks later)…

Our fam with our “extra member” Temba.  We love love love that boy! Loving on some of our buddies that live at the Tree of Life children’s village.  We always dread saying goodbye!!! After our final goodbyes at the Tree of Life, we headed to lunch at the Arcades (a very nice and modern shopping […]

So…. I am a little behind

I never got around to posting pics from the children’s WONDERFUL experience at Sky Ranch camps.  Sending the kids to camp is the highlight of returning to the states after spending the summer in Africa.  This was Little Miss’ first time to attend!  She loved it!  It sure was quiet around the house but the […]

While we are on the subject of time flying….

I just completed uploading pics for my previous post and decided I would keep going. Apparently time really is flying by b/c my son’s class schedule said something about 7th grade. Seriously? And evidently my second born (only 14 months behind her bro) is in 6th grade. And the baby? Well, I hate to confess […]

I treasure these moments….

We are wrapping up bedtime around here.  I went to kiss our kiddos goodnight and caught them each doing this: Sure, I see this often around here (although not so much during the summer…bad momma) but for some reason it struck me as extra sweet tonight.  Maybe b/c I have noticed how big they are.  […]

Our BIG blessing…

We are in AWE that the Lord has given us the privilege to dwell AND serve him in this new house. It is a LONG but God-driven story why and how we are buying this house.  Maybe I will share it one day.  In the meantime, I just want to share one prayer the husband […]

From the Hilltop…

Our ministry is sooooooooooooo blessed to own property.  We are even MORE blessed to own a piece of property with a view like this, overlooking the surrounding areas of Lusaka, Zambia. And I am even blessed MORE by having this man in my life!  I love you dear husband!  Even though we have had very […]

Sights from the compounds…

Our family enjoyed several trips to the compounds around Lusaka.  Here are a few of the sights we witnessed…. One compound we visited was Ibex Hill.  Our girls chose two sweet gals from this area to sponsor.  Agness is one of my sweet girls and is sponsored by Aunt EJ.   Here we are with […]


    The Lord has given me thirteen years with this precious boy!  It seems like he was born a few month ago but it also feels like he has forever been a part of my life.  I love you sweet boy (can I still call you sweet at 13??).  I love being your mom.  […]