Sights from the compounds…

Our family enjoyed several trips to the compounds around Lusaka.  Here are a few of the sights we witnessed….

One compound we visited was Ibex Hill.  Our girls chose two sweet gals from this area to sponsor.  Agness is one of my sweet girls and is sponsored by Aunt EJ.   Here we are with Aggie, Agness, and Martha moments after we arrived for our visit at the CRC (Community Resource Center).

At Aggie’s home with her mother and three sisters.

Claire is sharing the plan of salvation using the story beads on a doll’s necklace (made by our Auntie).  The lady translating is Margaret, one of Family Legacy’s Discipleship Leaders.

Little Miss and Kaleigh wanted to get back  on the bus a bit early during one of our home visits.  We walked out and found the two girls entertaining  a whole clan of kiddos.  It was priceless.

Walking to Frankie’s home.  Frankie is sponsored by my parents.

Our family with Frankie….

Once again, I was amazed at how fast children accumulate around an exposed camera.

This is The Lad with Gift, my brother’s sponsored boy.  We had never met the guy (my bro chose him off the internet) but we fell in love with him right away.

This is two of our kiddos with Stephen, our friends’ sponsored boy….another sweet one!

Boys investigating the bag of goodies Stephen received from our friends, the Clays.

Just a random CUTIE with our youngest.


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