So…. I am a little behind

I never got around to posting pics from the children’s WONDERFUL experience at Sky Ranch camps.  Sending the kids to camp is the highlight of returning to the states after spending the summer in Africa.  This was Little Miss’ first time to attend!  She loved it!  It sure was quiet around the house but the husband and I took full advantage of it and had dinner out with friends (including time with our parents), caught up with work, and bought a house.

No big deal.

We sure missed our children but are so grateful that our kiddos are able to experience camp.  SOOOOOO blessed!

The girlies on drop off day…

Saturday morning pick up………………

Sure was nice to have a break but this momma missed her kiddos!!!

Daddy and his HONOR campers!!  We are so proud of all THREE of our children!  Our prayer continues to be that each of them “grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Keep shining my loves!!!


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