School, house, traveling…..

Things are definitely picking up speed around here.  The first two weeks of school have gone fairly well.  Our family has had a bit of trouble getting back into the routine of school but we are slowly catching on.  7th grade is definitely a big leap as far as the work load goes but the Lad is doing great.  Pumpkin LOVES 6th grade and esp. all things social about it.  She is all about her friends and seems to do well in all areas.  Little Miss LOVES LOVES her set of three teachers.  Her homeroom teacher adores her.  It is a mutual feeling. I was called in for a parent conference already.  Gulp.  Apparently her focussing problems are already causing a few issues.  What to do?  What to do?  We have got to come up with some sort of plan to help her be successful.  She is one sharp whippersnapper but is unable to use those brains due to her thoughts running in 1,001 directions.  I know nothing of that life!!!  🙂

Life in Pre-K is definitely going.  And going.  And going.  The first month is always VERY VERY crazy and hands-on.  The first few days of school I had a sub for one of my aides.  The sub laughed at me and asked why I kept saying, “It will get better.  They WILL get it.”  I told her I had to say it over and over to believe it and remind myself that we WILL have these wee ones trained and the year will be so much fun.  I do indeed love my wee ones.  Can’t imagine teaching older children even though I am very tired at the end of the day.

The husband is very busy at work but loving every minute of it as usual.  He loves what he does.  Sign ups for Camp Life opened up this week and it is filling up fast.  Can’t believe we are already planning for next year.

We have officially completely closed on our little house.  We do not own a house at this moment.  The investor who purchased our house is being very generous and allowing us to stay in the house until we move into our new one.  We were hoping to close on our new house this Tuesday but we got word that it might not happen until Wednesday or Thursday.  The only thing that is scary right now is possible foundation issues.  Of course I took a good look around the house and saw some cracks.  It is very typical here in Texas, esp. in the midst of this drought.  I brought my decorator friend over to the house last week and the first thing she noticed and commented on was how the house felt “off” esp in the kitchen.  We have been scrambling to get somebody out to look at it before closing.  The husband has good faith that it is typical and we won’t need repairs.  BUT….it would be wise to make sure that costly repairs aren’t in the near future.  So……until we get all that settled, I can’t take a big sigh of relief.

We are in Houston for the weekend.  Smart, huh?  Moving this week and we left town.  But hopefully we will be very productive on Monday.  We are enjoying some family time with the husband’s sister (and his folks came down for the weekend too).  I am actually sitting at Starbucks enjoying some alone time.  I am about to head out to do some shopping for the new house.  Yipppppeeee!  I am amazed how fast our “house” budget is dwindling.  I am a bit concerned about how on earth we will get everything done but it should all work out.

Well, I best hit some stores.  Happy Labor Day!


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