Monthly Archives: October 2011

a while…

So it has been a while since I last posted. I can think of a thousand reasons why I have not been successful in writing but I just won’t go there. I am away at a scrapbooking retreat this weekend so it makes sense that I am sitting at a Starbucks alone blogging….right? I am […]


We were blessed with a day off from school today and I was hopeful about us being lazy.  Does sleeping until 8:30 count?  We slept until 8:30!  8:30!!!  We do NOT do that around here.  Well, the Lad apparently woke up at 6:30 as normal and played the ipad waiting for us girlies to get […]

I had 7 insightful thoughts…..

during church of course.  But now that I have plopped down to write, I have NOTHING. I do have a thousand tidbits floating around in my brain. I would be happy to share. A few happy moments have been found around here at the new Knightly manor this weekend.  I am pleased to report that […]