I had 7 insightful thoughts…..

during church of course.  But now that I have plopped down to write, I have NOTHING.

I do have a thousand tidbits floating around in my brain.

I would be happy to share.

A few happy moments have been found around here at the new Knightly manor this weekend.  I am pleased to report that I have done so much better about letting things go such as demanding all things be in order.  I allowed the children to pull out all of the empty moving boxes and create various forts all over the backyard.  They had a blast!!!  It was joyous just to watch them.

I bought a new kids’ cookbook on Friday with high hopes that the kids and I will spend the next 5 weeks exploring the recipes.  The Lad has developed quite a love for cooking with me.  Joy!

Little Miss has happily joined me in my bed the past two nights.  Part of me thinks it is a habit that will be hard to break but having her next to me is rather comforting.

Tomorrow is Fair Day for our school district.  The kids want to go to the fair but I am afraid I will have to take out a loan to pay for fair day fun.  We have settled on having a low key morning then hooking up with some friends we do not see often.

School has been a little on the tough side this week.  The children have been great but I have had a few confrontations that have been heavy on my heart.  I am so very thankful for a principal that is supportive and trusting of me.

Susan came over to fetch her Kaleigh tonight.  Our time was short but I enjoyed the chance to catch up.  We have not seen each other since my family left Zambia in August.  Our girls are best of buddies, being only 18 hours apart in age.  They adore each other and love spending the entire summer together in Zambia.

The husband and I have been a part of a new Community Group that has started in our new town.  I am excited about what the Lord will do within the group and in each of us.  I miss being with our old group but do get to see them occasionally. I am looking forward to having them all in our home soon.

Best be heading to sleepyland soon.  Happy new week!




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