We were blessed with a day off from school today and I was hopeful about us being lazy.  Does sleeping until 8:30 count?  We slept until 8:30!  8:30!!!  We do NOT do that around here.  Well, the Lad apparently woke up at 6:30 as normal and played the ipad waiting for us girlies to get up and go.

We are awake but I have three kiddos in my bed (glad we no longer have a full and enjoy a queen now) watching cartoons.  I was not a big fan of having a tv in our bedroom but I must confess it is nice.  It also is nice company for me at night.  I have been recording shows like the Waltons.  I know, I am old but that show makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  I am also a BIG fan of books and movies that are historical fiction.  I am always fascinated with different time periods.  The husband is not a big fan of tv in general so I am taking advantage of it while I can.

I am going to scoot and enjoy my lazy day.





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