A few Christmas Photos….

a little late!

Little Miss chatting with Santa at our town’s Christmas Tree Lighting.  Pumpkin’s select 6th grade choir sang that night.

My Dad took the 6 oldest grandchildren to see a movie a few days before Christmas while my mom and I gave my SIL a break and took the twins to see the Trains at North Park.  It was such a treat to spend time with them!!!  I just don’t get the opportunity to be with them.

On the 23rd, our family along with our beloved Aunt EJ and Uncle Lynn headed to the Plazas of the Americas for a little ice skating.  Fun family day!

Aunt EJ and Uncle Lynn loved our new dogs.  I was very suspicious of them hiding one (or two) in their trunk when they left.

It was such a treat to have our first overnight guests in our new home be family.  Most of our family live really close to us so having our Amarillo fam stay with us during the holidays was so much fun!

Our fam of five on Christmas Eve ready to go to the Christmas Eve service at Park Cities Baptist Church.  We spend most of Christmas Eve day with the husband’s family.

The Lad and his cousin, Daniel.  Do you sense the admiration?!?!?!

Christmas morning at the Knightly Manor…..

I love so m any6 things about Christmas, esp. anything to do with being with our families BUT I must confess that one of my favorite traditions (newer ones….started about 5 years ago) is spending the early morning with just the five of us THEN hosting Nana and Papa over for a low key ….but yummy and filling breakfast.  The kids love to have their grandparents to themselves.   This was our first year in our new house so breakfast in our first ever real dining room was a treat.  The big thrill during this annual meal is the Crackers.  Or some folks across the pond call them Poppers.  I found tin crackers (and English holiday tradition) five years ago that are much bigger and able to hold more items.  We draw names at Thanksgiving and must buy (or make) two small items for our “person.”  The third compartment must hold a handwritten note from the giver.  I treasure these notes!   Well, most of the time.  The Lad had me this year and said something along the lines of  “I hope you don’t die.”



Count them……

Yes, there are eight!  All eight of the Griffin grandchildren.  I still can’t believe that my brother and I have a total of 8 children.  Who would have thought he would have more than me?!??!?!  I love them all!

The husband reading the Christmas story with a little guy on his lap.  I loved how this twin just plopped himself there and did not budge for a long time.

Lots of game playing happened this Christmas!

I do hope you all had a very very very lovely Christmas.  I am so very thankful that the theme is Jesus and I have a FULL family that celebrates our Savior with us.


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