The Pumpkin is Twelve!

Our baby girl was born on pumpkin day (aka Halloween) 12 years ago.  I was convinced she was a boy.  Not sure why.  We already had a 14 month old boy so I assumed it would be perfect to have another boy for him to buddy up during their growing up years.

The day before our second child was born, the husband I were driving around Rockville, Maryland (where we were living at the time) and realized that if the baby was born the next day, he/she would be a Halloween baby.  We realized that we couldn’t name the child Hallie (short a sound) like we had planned.  Hallie Halloween  just didn’t sit well with us !  🙂

Our sweet pumpkin….

We love you more than words can tell.  Here are a few facts about you…

1.  You certainly bring sunshine into our lives.

2.  You are a peacemaker!  You want all to get along and you want to solve conflict fast.

3.  You are a quick learner.  You seem to pick up new skills fast (just like your daddy).

4.  You have a strong understanding of the Word.  You also have memorized quite a bit of scripture.

5.  A cuddle bug!

6.  The reading bug has caught you this year!

7.  You are an animal lover, esp. dogs.  Especially our new dogs!

8.  Your voice has developed into a beautiful gift.  I am SHOCKED that the sweet melodies flow from the  mouth of MY daughter!!!  You have been diligent in voice lessons despite that darn sight reading.

9.  You always want to GO.  Of all three of our kiddos, you are the most non-homebody.  Someone says “GO” and you are in the car.

10.  Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.  You take your time (mom better be in the mood AND patient).

11.  Your are still our pickiest eater but have matured in trying new things with a good attitude.

12.  You don’t get mad often…………..but when you do…………… is UGLY.

Dad and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you.  You are a blessing in our lives.  We continue to beam with pride when you bless others too!


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