Monthly Archives: April 2012

a thought…..

We have had an AMAZING weekend so far!  We have had MANY MANY people in our home and I have loved every minute of it.  Just in case you didn’t know….I get VERY stressed out VERY easily.  But…..this weekend I have embraced this quote and moved on and enjoyed what has come my way. Neighbors […]

Simple but I WILL remember

Images like this are simple.  Glossy (taking thru a glass window).  Silly girlie. Precious. My Daddy and my youngest. This photo was snapped last week at the middle school track meet at our district’s stadium.  I was surrounded by my twin nephews during a good part of the track meet (which goes for HOURS) but […]

I should have been working….

I have discovered that spending a couple hours in my classroom every weekend tends to ease my Monday morning jitters and “I don’t want to go to work” blues.  I had PLENTY of time to go up and REALLY work in my room this weekend due to having Good Friday free!   And I certainly […]

Makes me smile…

Nothing too special about this photo. Well, I lie. That little girlie is certainly special to me. And that handsome one?  Mr. Knight is MINE and I absolutely LOVE LOVE watching him father our children. Our family has a special bond. Evenings at home are special. Being out on the patio making funnel cakes, completing […]

The good….

My previous post was about my feelings. Not always good but it is what I got. But here are a few snapshots of the good here at the Knightly Manor since Christmas…. Mr. Knight!  On December 28, we celebrated 15 years of marriage.  Being his wife is DEFINITELY a JOY in my life.  It is […]

Been a while….

Blogging obviously has not been too high on my priority list lately.  To be honest, I have been trying to keep my head above water.  Many HAPPY and great things are a part of my life but balancing the mundane and the things of most importance (family) has got me in quite a doozy of […]