The good….

My previous post was about my feelings.

Not always good but it is what I got.

But here are a few snapshots of the good here at the Knightly Manor since Christmas….

Mr. Knight!  On December 28, we celebrated 15 years of marriage.  Being his wife is DEFINITELY a JOY in my life.  It is a privilege to love him.  We took a little trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas to celebrate.  We originally had planned to go to Costa Rica but we have had another blessing this year….

So….. a fancy vacation wasn’t in the budget.  Not complaining!  We LOVE LOVE our new house, including the location, the lot, AND the neighbors!  We have FANTASTIC neighbors.  We finally have a community all around us and we are in heaven!

Our Daily Bread.  I LOVE eating as a family.  I esp. enjoy it when the kids are grateful and enjoy what I prepare.  Cooking every night is not near as fun after teaching 3 and 4 year olds all day so I have to work extra hard to look at it as a privilege, not a duty.  And that is HARD!  But….after we consume our “bread” we also take in our “daily bread.”  My friend, Tiff, gave us each an engraved Bible for our time in the Word.   B/c of our evenings being so crazy, we are not able to do this every night but when we do, I am fulfilled.

Must I say anything about this?

Little Miss has some fun and terrific friends.  Of course our constant prayer is for Godly pals for our kiddos.


More crazy friends and basketball.  This winter both girls played basketball in different leagues.  This spring season all three are playing at an elite club so we are at the gym 4-5 times a week.  We have become quite the basketball family this year.  We have esp. enjoyed watching our BAYLOR BEARS!  The women went all the way to win the National Championship and win all 40 games this season.  Sic’em Bears!!!

We took a trip up to Amarillo over a long weekend to visit Aunt Ella Jane and Uncle Lynn.  It is always fun to be with them.

Daddy and his girls!  These three attended the Daddy/Daughter dance at our church in February.  This is Pumpkin’s last year due to her promoting to the YOUTH department.  I did not just write that, did I?

Grandparents!  We took a Spring Break trip to Branson, MO with my folks.  We had a fun time doing all things touristy but also enjoyed down time with each other.  It is amazing that we live ONE BLOCK from my folks and really don’t spend much time with them.  Being together for 7 days in the same condo forced us to spend much needed time together.

Our son ran track this spring.  Track is not his sport but I am soooo proud of him for going to all the practices and being a part of the team.  His determination and commitment blesses me.  I LOVE going to the kids’ sporting events.  It is often tiring after a long day with little people but supporting my kiddos and being with so many other wonderful parents thrill me.

Celebrating Mr. Knight and the elder Mr. Knight’s bday with both of our families (minus our siblings).

April 3 is my Mr. Knight’s bday.  My father in law’s bday is April 4 so it is always a treat to celebrate together.

Our Community Group!  We have six families in our CG who are mostly in the same stage of life as us.  We are truly doing life together!  It can get CRAZY when we bring us all together with our children but it is the way we roll and we are encouraging one another in our parenting journey.

COUSINS!  My brother and I do not have cousins.  I always despised that fact.  But instead of pouting about it, my bro and I just took action and provided our parents EIGHT grandchildren.  The fun part is we all live within a 2 mile radius.  I see my brother’s kids at school daily and get to love on them as I please.

Today we had Easter at my folks’ house.  Unfortunately the husband’s folks and sister could not join us but we certainly made up for their absence with commotion!  Having our egg hunt in the rain was fun!  And wet.

TWINS!  Wet twins in the rain!  I so wanted twins.  I was greatly disappointed when I realized I was not giving birth to twins the first time around.  Of course when we had our second child about a year later, twins did not sound so appealing.  But I still wanted a set!  The Lord did not give us twins as our own but I do have a set to LOVE and play with….my nephews.  I got the easy job!  I love all 7 of my nieces and nephews (the husband’s sis has two boys)!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the blessings in my life.

The Lord has done great things for us!  We are filled to the top with JOY!!!!





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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    How wonderful to read your blog again! Thanks for catching up and for posting the marvelous pics that really cover a lot of events and adventures. Much love

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