I should have been working….

I have discovered that spending a couple hours in my classroom every weekend tends to ease my Monday morning jitters and “I don’t want to go to work” blues.  I had PLENTY of time to go up and REALLY work in my room this weekend due to having Good Friday free!   And I certainly needed to work in my classroom considering that my observation window opened up today.

I chose not to go to school AT ALL!

I shocked myself!

And of course I moped around about it and had a hard time not feeling guilty about it. I don’t think Mr. Knight quite knew what to do with me.

So what did I do?

I brought my three kiddos home from my folks’ house ALONG with my FIVE nieces and nephews.

I figured out that 3 +5=8

And 8 children = noise to the tenth power.

I didn’t mind it.

Another shocker.

To make me feel committed to my job I convinced myself that if I repeated “I need to go to work,” then somehow I would feel better and somehow the lesson plan fairy would appear in my humble Pre-K portable.

Newsflash ! She never showed up!


fun mom AND fun aunt showed up!

I crawled into bed last night way too late with a bit of a jittery feeling of “oh my word!  I am not prepared!”  But then a few memories ran across my mind……

I failed to snap a photo of the six older children participating in a mean round (actually two) of Chopped.  I think I wanted to erase the memory of the mess and the pile of dishes.  It was WAY cute, y’all!  Way!  My kids love love love cooking but having three of my other lovelies (aka nieces and nephews) be delighted over cooking in my kitchen tickled me pink!

To celebrate “Letting it go” I splurged and popped open my Baptist bubbly.

This is one of my favs.

Here’s to hoping  the lesson plan fairy AND the paperwork fairy will appear in my classroom tomorrow.

AND the laundry fairy will appear in my laundry room!


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