The time has come

This time of year is full. Of course the calendar is jammed packed (I have had to write all over the margins), paperwork has been a bit abundant, the to do list is never ending, and my heart is full.

I just reread what I typed to make sure that was what I was truly feeling.

Did I say my heart was full?!?!

I should be focusing on that scribbled-on calendar, the fifteen to do lists I have started, and the workload I need to tend to.  Instead I am plotting ways to sneak in movie dates in my bed with the kids, trips for frozen yogurt, and walks in the neighborhood among the fireflies (and our two hyper dogs pulling us).

This time of year is indeed full to the brim for most people, esp for working mothers.  At least the summer break is quickly coming upon us! Did I say break? Not much of that going on during the summertime for this momma and teacher.  Three weeks from today, I will be doing what the husband is currently doing…….last  minute packing?

Seriously?!?!? Time for another FULL summer in Zambia, Africa!?!?!  I am so thankful that tonight on the eve of the start of the Knights craziville (also known as summer) I am at peace. I guess three years under your belt helps. Perhaps I know the drill although who knows what will pop up.  Some sort of drama always tries to sneak in around this time of year.

To be honest, my prayer life has not been what you would call great.  Or even active.  The past few weeks I have caught myself asking for help.  Not my typical begging to make it go smoothly but for simple guidance to know how to honor HIM.

I am rather certain just as soon as these words hit the land of the Internet, I will rethink my status (compliments of Satan and my human flesh).  Please pray with me as the Lord prepares our hearts and our children’s hearts. I don’t want this to be just another summer  in Zambia. I want big. I want God!



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