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Camp Life

Meet Boyd

Boyd is 12 years old. This is Boyd. He is in Little Miss’ camp group this week. Her desire is for him to BE SPONSORED!!! PLEASE pray about sponsoring Boyd or any of the other children I will be sharing with you very very soon. About Boyd: 1. He stays with his mother. His father […]

Our Kids

Just Us

Our sweet friend took family photos up on the hilltop this past Sunday. I asked for one shot of the two of us….when we were not looking, she snapped a few photos of just us. I love this man with all of my heart. I am blessed that my love for him grows even deeper […]


Have I mentioned that weekends around here are just not what they are back home? The best way to describe them is NONSTOP!!! My duties are plentiful and in full swing and the husband has more on his plate on Saturdays than any other day. The summer staff (the sweet college kids I adore) run […]


One would think I had all the time in the world to do the things I pledged to do this summer. Before I came here for the summer I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish/grow in this summer. So…once again I am providing a list….. 1. Get on a good sleep/wake up […]

A few of my favorite things…

Yes, I did just blurt out the Sound of Music song! My 13 year old son even joined me!!! Here is a list of a few of my favorite things here in Zambia. I apologize if they are repeats from previous posts. 1. Skype! Not able to take advantage of it like we would desire […]

Happy Father’s Day

We are wrapping up Father’s Day here in Zambia. We are at our villa as a family of FIVE for a brief time. We snuck out of testimony time to come home for a wee bit of family time. Doesn’t happen much around here. We are surrounded by WONDERFUL people. We LOVE being with them […]

What amused me today….

A 50 pound block of butter was delivered to my door today. My arteries started clogging up just observing it. I have already been through 25 pounds of butter. Tonight I started to dig into it. We bought a scale (that also does ounces, not only grams) to help me use the right measurements in […]

More Zambian Ways

So….I had to keep reminding myself today about “TIA.” Big time! I had more adventures today. One of the Americans that lives here year round, picked me up and took me to two stores that he called the Zambian style Sam’s Club. Interesting. I was actually rather impressed with one of them. It was neat, […]