Greetings from Zambia, Africa. The children and I arrived safe and sound AND very tired on Monday morning. We landed as the sun was peeking over the horizon. Glorious. The children giggled exclaiming that it was the sun welcoming us back to our summer home.

One of the hardest parts of the trip for me (and the children too) is the immigration line in Zambia THEN waiting for our luggage…..12 pieces of luggage! We are so very tired at that point from two days of traveling. None of us find sleep on the plane. I was expecting to find the husband back in immigration like last year but after waiting and waiting, I saw no signs of him. I guess they changed the rules. I started to get a bit nervous b/c the children and I fall under his work permit/visa and usually have to have his visa to prove that we fall “under his armpit.” Nice term, huh? As I was called up to the next open counter I took a deep breath, hoping the stamp on each of our passports were sufficient.

Done. The officer took our passports as I asked and he said, “it is okay.”


Waiting for our luggage was not as long as it has been in the past but I was feeling rather grumpy and was a bit snappy at the children who were only trying to help. They were also running over to the exit trying to catch a glimpse of daddy in the arrival hall. Of course they could not go anywhere without me and their luggage!

We finished all of the exiting steps and finally got to hug our daddy!

sigh (again)

We pretty much left right away, not really greeting the other Americans from our ministry there to meet us. The husband actually drove so we crammed our three kids plus Kaleigh (the boss’ daughter) along with our 12 bags in the SUV. A family again.


Traffic was horrible and the husband broke the news to me then (7:30am Zambia time, 12:30 am Texas time) that my cooking duties would begin that VERY DAY, not on Wednesday like normally planned. Well, actually, he said that two volunteers were willing to step in and take over for me.

I don’t think so.
Sure I am a control freak but I also know quite a bit about the sweet Zambian cooks working with me and the plan had “DISASTER” written all over it. It all ended up just fine. I have had very little time to settle in since I dove right into my cooking duties. It was a bit overwhelming but the Lord has blessed me with a surprising amount of energy and two amazing ladies to assist me.

We are all slowly settling in but have been a bit frustrated at the rate at which it is happening. Jet lag has been a beast.

My housekeeper started today and she was a great help in assisting me in organizing the house, esp. the children’s items. I was a bit apprehensive about having a housekeeper again (I sometimes feel invaded) but she is a true blessing when I take advantage of the gift of help.

Another “gift” that is new this year is my new best friend, THE WAGON. The husband purchased an industrial quality wagon to help lighten my load (literally) of hauling food and equipment to the kitchen. I LOVE it!

Pictures coming soon!


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