All you can do is laugh…

Today I did several things Zambian-style. In the midst of some frustrating situations, I realized the best thing to do was laugh. In all honesty, I am certain I stressed, then laughed. Later. A lot later on some things.

Some stressful, I mean fun, facts from the day:

1. Middle of making 5 large pans of brownies and power went off. Of course. Welcome to Zambia! Typical.
2. The husband delivering the minced meat (aka ground beef)…..let us just say Zambians DO NOT have the same packaging protocol like we do back in the states.
3. Lack of transport (Zambians don’t say transportation).
4. Well…..I DID have transport today! I had the freedom to drive for the very first time on the “wrong” side of the road. I was rather proud. I even conquered a round-about. The trick to being a newby with driving on the “wrong” side of the road is to keep telling your brain, “HUG LEFT.” I kept hugging the left side. I only turned on the windshield wipers 29 times b/c it was on the side I thought the turn signal should be on.
5. Trying to cook for almost 140 Americans tonight in a so called kitchen. Packing up dishes, utensils, food, etc was challenging. I must remember to take photos of our shindig! I had AMAZING help!
6. Cooking WITHOUT water. Makes preparing tea, lemonade, water for boiling noodles, etc. rather challenging. Of course bottled water came in handy for the beverages but rinsing noodles with small bottles of water was interesting.
7. Driving home from camp/dinner in a cloud of dust was also quite normal but I have never driven in such a thick cloud of it. Of course a fellow staff member stirring it up with his 4 wheeler did not help! It is so very dusty here! It will only get worse as the dry season continues.
8. Frozen and cracked eggs! Our chiller (fridge) just cannot find a happy medium. Too warm or too cold. Apparently last night it was set to low and froze my eggs….leaving me with too few for cooking…the reason for the trip to the store.
9. Husband working late. I must confess that so far he has not stayed out working as late as he has in the past. Of course it is nearing midnight and he is not home.
10. Different languages! My housekeeper and one of her friends went with me (she had a LONG day) to cook tonight. On the way home I asked them how to say a few words in Nuyanja (I am sure that is not how you spell the local language). One word I was trying to learn was children. I repeated what they said and both of them busted out laughing. Apparently the word for children is fairly similar to the word for poopoo. Great! Maybe I won’t even attempt that word again.

GOOD NEWS….I think we have finally overcome this silly jet lag! I don’t recall it ever being so severe. The children have not been able to fall asleep. But after a long day at the Tree of Life, brownies, and showers, they crashed VERY VERY quickly.

Good night (or good afternoon to you all in the states).


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