Snaps is the term Zambians use for photos.
And I was going to upload some for you but apparently my internet is not too agreeable this evening.

So let us settle for a few odd and random facts…
1. We had at least 50 people in and out of our villa door by 9am this morning. It was a ZOO! The lady from the bottled water company made a comment about how nice it was to have a Saturday to relax after a week of camp. Ha!!! Not if you are Family Legacy folks….Saturday is the craziest of all days besides the first day of camp. Saturdays are mainly nutty due to taking a batch of Americans to the airport and returning with 40 or so more. Trying to clean out villas, distribute milk, juice, luggage, etc, etc. is wild! Guess where all the dirty laundry lands!!?!?!

2. Another night of cooking sans water. Fun times! I took a picture of 8 dirty dirty dirty casserole dishes that we had to bring home and wash in our wee sink. It was screaming to be a part of a Dawn commercial!

3. Our hot water is so hot that I have a few burns on my hands. You would think I would remember!!!!!

4. A drunk man would not leave us alone tonight when we dropped of one of my cooks at the bus station. My two girls and Kaleigh had a very interesting conversation about drinking after that. I can’t believe we laughed about it as it was happening. I am sure my mother loves to hear this story! Susan was driving and we star

5. I bought 13 whole chickens at the store today. The cashier asked if he could come to dinner. He was serious.

6. I still struggle with the Zambians always asking for things. It is so against how I was raised. I am happy to give but when they ask, it puts me in a defensive and selfish mood. My housekeeper asks for everything! I might need to set some boundaries. I know it is her culture but she seems to be more comfortable than others. Of course she sees all the “STUFF” we have so I am sure she doesn’t think much of it.

7. Today I asked my driver to take us to the American complex where our American staff stays. I started to tell him where it was and he said, “okay, okay, I know.” We kept driving and got closer and closer to the very noticeable American Embassy. Next thing I knew, we were AT the embassy. Now I know why he said there is a lot of security there and wanted to know if we could get in. heehee!



  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 9, 2012 at 8:22 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much for these 2 updates – things are getting off to an unusual (think Zambian) start! I pray that the water issues and the fridge will get straightened out. Congrats for your first experience “hugging left”! I’m so proud of you!!! Much love and hugs

  2. Nate & Sarah
    Posted June 9, 2012 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    Prayers being lifted up for y’all everyday. May the peace of Christ be with you today.

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