Tuesdays at the Knightly Manor here in Zambia are typically one of my favorite days during Camp Life.
I get a taste of camp, cookies, pizza, a bit of down time, and we have fun at auction night.
I shift gears a wee bit on Tuesdays and show up at camp. I am able to hug a few kiddos but my main task is to take snaps (photos). We take a picture of each child individually and then a picture of the child with their American Ambassador and the Zambian Evangelist. This week we have almost 1,000 children attending camp. Taking snaps is quite the ordeal, esp. when NOTHING ever seems to work! Anything electronic tends to act up while we are here in Zambia.
I love seeing so many kids and repeating their names out loud and saying “Sakala” which means SMILE. Today was one little guys’ birthday (most of the children do not know when their birthdays are) so of course I looked like a fool as I made a big deal about his special day.

We order pizza on Tuesday nights and provide softies (sodas) for all the Americans. We also pass out M&Ms. After we consume all the goodiness, we have an auction to raise money for school desks for our Christian schools we run here.

Because I only bake two batches of cookies on Tuesdays (for the auction…they are a hot item), I have quite a bit of down time in the afternoon. The husband is actually working from our villa today so it is nice to kinda be low key yet all together.

The temperatures the past two days have been cooler and it has been awfully windy. We have been rather chilly at night but I love being able to snuggle under blankets in JUNE!

I look forward to finishing up our Tuesday. You guys in the states are just beginning your Tuesday and we are nearing supper time.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much for the snaps!!! They are truly wonderful!
    I know the auction went well and that many $ were raised for the desks. What fun the auctions are!!
    So happy that Tuesday went well. Love you all

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