More Zambian Ways

So….I had to keep reminding myself today about “TIA.”
Big time!
I had more adventures today. One of the Americans that lives here year round, picked me up and took me to two stores that he called the Zambian style Sam’s Club. Interesting. I was actually rather impressed with one of them. It was neat, organized and somewhat efficiently run…so not Zambian.

In between the store visits, we ran numerous errands. One stop we made was at a little side restaurant that served Greek food to go. I consumed (and made a HUGE mess) a shawarma I have no idea how to spell that! Clay said it was not as good as it typically is but I enjoyed it none the less!

We had a Zambian along for the ride and I had so much fun chatting with him. The cultural differences can be frustrating but I love learning about their ways. Of course it is fun to share our ways too! I can’t believe he passed up the shawarma for the yucky nutritional drink! He did eat a meat pie….I am wanting to try more of those!

We visited the Zambian internet company, the milk factory, a printing company, and the ice company. Have I mentioned that nothing is simple around here? We were blessed with little traffic while driving through the biggest and main market here in the city. I LOVE watching the people.

Clay dropped me off at the grocery store while he ran a few more errands. I purchased 16 heads of lettuce. I received some funny looks. I am shocked I found that many heads of lettuce in stock! The Zambians rarely eat our traditional salad. They eat a lot of cabbage, not lettuce. They create a kind of coleslaw.

I had to wait by the car for Clay and enjoyed eating an apple just chatting with my new Zambian friend. I love how we are so different yet one in the precious Lord. WOW!

I am greatly enjoying these Zambian experiences but I am so looking forward to being out in the community more and loving on some children!!!! I especially want to take my children on those adventures.

What are those children up to?
Well, the girlies have a playmate 24/7. The three girlies have created a business to raise money for our building campaign. I will share pictures of “Hot Spot Spa” soon. It is PRECIOUS!!!! They are raking in the money too! 🙂

The Lad has become quite the servant this year. He spends a lot of time just chilling but is so very willing to lend a helping hand quickly. I love love love seeing this new side to him. Everybody, Zambians and Americans, falls in love with him. The Zambians comment over and over about him looking JUST LIKE his dad.

There are a lot more children (mainly 12-13 year olds) here this week and the Lad has been playing soccer with them and eating with them every night. He does not have a playmate here like the girls do.

Well, I have yet another batch of cookies in the oven that need my attention. Happy Thursday! It was a nice one on this side of the ocean. Cold, windy, and overcast but nice.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 14, 2012 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    What fascinating and incredible adventures – I just love reading everything you write and wish I could be there to share!! Can hardly wait to read more about the kiddos – sounds like they are truly where they need to be this summer. Love you all

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