Have I mentioned that weekends around here are just not what they are back home? The best way to describe them is NONSTOP!!! My duties are plentiful and in full swing and the husband has more on his plate on Saturdays than any other day. The summer staff (the sweet college kids I adore) run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

On Fridays we wrap up a week of camp. Camp is full of fun surprises that day. On Saturday morning we say goodbye to one group of Americans and welcome a new batch at the same time. The incoming and outgoing people actually use the same plane! It makes for an early and busy morning moving around luggage and people AND trying to clean villas (at 6am). Our summer staffers are AMAZING! The husband is in charge of the Father’s Heart trips. These trips are GREAT fun for the Americans. They get to go see their sponsored children in their homes and take a massive amount of food for the family. This is what makes our sponsorship program so individualized.
Speaking of sponsorship……be prepared! My children have a group at camp this week and I WILL be posting pictures of children who need YOU to sponsor them. So….start praying now for that perfect child for your family to pray for and send to school. 🙂

Why am I rambling on?!?!!
Well, this weekend just happened to be my birthday. Having a birthday during Camp Life is not ideal but having your birthday on FRIDAY of Camp Life is almost nonexistent! Let us just say my birthday has had to be spread out over a few days. I was sad about it at first but the birthday celebration keeps coming so it ended up all good in the end! 🙂

Well, I best scoot and move on with my day. The two older kiddos are out on the patio with me reading enjoying the morning. I promised the lad we would go for a jog then I must do my weekly food shopping.

Glad the weekend is 4 days away! BUT…..this weekend is the beginning of break week so it just might be a bit more relaxing.
Might be.


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