Meet Boyd

Boyd is 12 years old.

This is Boyd. He is in Little Miss’ camp group this week. Her desire is for him to BE SPONSORED!!! PLEASE pray about sponsoring Boyd or any of the other children I will be sharing with you very very soon.

About Boyd:
1. He stays with his mother. His father has died.
2. He eats once a day and sometimes does not even eat at all.
3. His mother does not have a job so they sometimes depends on the uncle to help.
4. He is mistreated by other boys in the compound because he is fatherless.
5. He has two bothers.
6. He is sad because he does not have a father to take care of him.
7. His older brother and sister have died also. This makes Boyd sad b/c they use to take care of h im.
8. He LOVES to go to school
9. He asked Jesus into his heart this week at camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in claiming this little guy as your sponsored child, please let me know ASAP and I will assist you in getting that set up.

What does a sponsorship include???
1. Enrollment at a Lifeway Christian Academy (a Family Legacy private school) or a government school and all the needed supplies, fees, etc.
2. Ongoing discipleship and counseling through one of our Discipleship Leaders

Discipleship and education are the keys to lifting children like Boyd out of the cycle of poverty and abuse.  Would you provide this opportunity to Boyd by sponsoring him?


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