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I guess I should have typed T.I.A. There are MANY MANY things that happen around here that we can’t wrap our little American brains around. There is NO understanding. No explanation. No reason in our minds why some things are the way they are. Back home my favorite and overused quote is “It is what […]

Just a few photos…

Our sweet Simon, Temba, and a friend with our son at the Tree of Life Children’s Village. Simon and Temba were soooo happy to see our children. The new playground at Tree of Life…


Tuesdays at the Knightly Manor here in Zambia are typically one of my favorite days during Camp Life. Why? I get a taste of camp, cookies, pizza, a bit of down time, and we have fun at auction night. I shift gears a wee bit on Tuesdays and show up at camp. I am able […]


Sundays here in Zambia are different than the last few years. But after one Sunday down, I can’t complain. What made this Sunday lovely? I didn’t cook! Well, I made 6 batches of roll dough to chill overnight for tomorrow evening’s meal. I only used 40 cups of flour. Cooking for a large amount of […]


Snaps is the term Zambians use for photos. And I was going to upload some for you but apparently my internet is not too agreeable this evening. So let us settle for a few odd and random facts… 1. We had at least 50 people in and out of our villa door by 9am this […]

All you can do is laugh…

Today I did several things Zambian-style. In the midst of some frustrating situations, I realized the best thing to do was laugh. In all honesty, I am certain I stressed, then laughed. Later. A lot later on some things. Some stressful, I mean fun, facts from the day: 1. Middle of making 5 large pans […]


Greetings from Zambia, Africa. The children and I arrived safe and sound AND very tired on Monday morning. We landed as the sun was peeking over the horizon. Glorious. The children giggled exclaiming that it was the sun welcoming us back to our summer home. One of the hardest parts of the trip for me […]