Monthly Archives: July 2012

Final Days

We are in our final days here in Zambia.  I regret that I have not written much since the first of July.  This month has FLOWN!!!!!!!  Actually, the summer has flown by.  BUT… seems like a decade since I was home alone with the kids frantically getting ready for our summer away in Africa.  It […]

Road Trip

Here are a few photos from our little day trip to a local lodge during break week. Had a lot more to share but of course it is taking FOREVER to upload photos….so here is a very small taste of our day. The trip started out JUST like they do back in the states….. Stressful.  […]

Through her eyes

Little Miss is definitely our spunkiest child.  I LOVE that about her but also have gained a few wrinkles and gray hair because of her everlasting energy and attitude.  I fear managing this disposition that  I have a love/hate relationship with but KNOW the Lord will guide her if she chooses to follow. On our […]

A Small Taste of Africa…

I wanted to add more but after 25 minutes of trying to upload ONE photo, I surrendered!!!!    

The only break I took was from this blog…

Break week  has come and gone.  We did indeed have a break from the actual runnings of camp but we really did not take a restful break.  I know we were very busy but I can’t quite pinpoint what we did. Oh!  I recall some of the tidbits of fun we had with the kids. […]

Tennis, horseback riding, and just being kids

The husband and I feel very honored that we have been able to raise our children in the best of both worlds:  school year in America and all summer in Zambia.  Of course there are sacrifices we ask our children to make.  We are certainly aware of those and have been creative in assuring our […]