The only break I took was from this blog…

Break week  has come and gone.  We did indeed have a break from the actual runnings of camp but we really did not take a restful break.  I know we were very busy but I can’t quite pinpoint what we did.

Oh!  I recall some of the tidbits of fun we had with the kids.

On Sunday we actually skipped attending a church and voted to have a relaxing time at a nifty farm called Sugarbush.  I picked lettuce and other veggies for our dinner that night.  We loved it!!!!  It was so nice and relaxing.

We took  a day trip on Monday to Chaminuka Lodge which is located about 50 minutes from where we are staying this summer.  It was a lovely little get away with the family.  We went on a game drive, swam (only the kids did b/c it was chilly), fished, rode horses, ate a HUGE and had a delicious lunch buffet.

We met a dear Japanese family at the lodge and I met them for lunch at a LOVELY restaurant/play park.  The husband had to work but I still enjoyed it.

Wednesday was the FOURTH and I spent most of the day preparing food for the party we had for the Americans in town during break week (mostly staff). We had a grand time.  We had the party at the housing complex where our staff lives year round here.  The complex is less than half a mile from the US embassy and we all thought it was great fun to learn that former President George Bush was there celebrating.  We kept waiting for our invitation to the party!

Thursday we all spent the day preparing homes for 48 more children to move in on Friday!  FOUR new homes were opened!  It was great fun making fresh new beds for all those children!!!!  The husband was crazy busy unloading the nine containers that have all finally arrived and released from customs.  Yippppeeeee!!!!!

Friday I spent the morning buying food for Friday night.  I sure miss running into Walmart or Tom Thumb and always knowing I can grab what I need.  Doesn’t work that way here!!!!!  I made my way to the children’s village and watched the children move in!!!!!!!!  JOY!

Saturday started Week 5 of camp and break week came to a close!

I have lots of photos to download.  I left my camera at the villa tonight.

So…maybe we did have a bit of a break.  I can’t believe that we leave to head home three weeks from today.  😦


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted July 10, 2012 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    You did have quite a bit of fun and adventure during break week! What a shame that all the containers seemed to arrive at the same time – I know that was so much work getting them unloaded!!
    Can’t believe that you all will be leaving for home in 3 weeks – seems like the summer just started. Love you all

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