Through her eyes

Little Miss is definitely our spunkiest child.  I LOVE that about her but also have gained a few wrinkles and gray hair because of her everlasting energy and attitude.  I fear managing this disposition that  I have a love/hate relationship with but KNOW the Lord will guide her if she chooses to follow.

On our little safari drive last week, she INSISTED on using the big camera to take photos, not the little one I initially offered to her.  She was so stinkin cute trying to hold the camera and adjust the lens.  She was very persistent and spent several minutes at a time looking through the lens.  Maybe there is a bit of patience hidden deep down.  Maybe she sees things through the lens that I don’t take the time to study.  Maybe her childish faith and ways are not so abnormal.  Maybe she is exactly who God has created her to be.  Maybe we will bump heads as we both stubbornly want to do things our individual ways.  Maybe I will continue to appreciate who she is and take the time to see things her way.

Maybe I love this Little Miss.





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