Final Days

We are in our final days here in Zambia.  I regret that I have not written much since the first of July.  This month has FLOWN!!!!!!!  Actually, the summer has flown by.  BUT… seems like a decade since I was home alone with the kids frantically getting ready for our summer away in Africa.  It also seems like we arrived here just last week.

Our summer has been a supreme mixture of experiencing the freedom of summer and serving others.  Of course I have some regrets but for the most part we are all pleased.  Yesterday as I was in the midst of 800 plus Zambian orphans worshipping (I FINALLY got to attend a full day of camp) I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this life the Lord has given me.  I am thankful for life!  Breath.  Health.  Family.  Education.  The fact that I was reflecting on yesterday was how our family has the opportunity to live here for part of the year and still provide our children with an American life (education and being close to family being the main focus).

I am honored that the Lord has called me to be Mr. Knight’s wife, the mother to these three children, a teacher in the states, and a servant for these orphans in Zambia (even though I serve them through serving the Americans more directly).

Now we approaching the transitioning process back into American life.  It is always challenging.  May we take the lessons we have learned here and turn them around to glorify the Lord wherever we go….which is back on American soil for a while.


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