The layover

Still have TONS and TONS and TONS of photos to share from Africa.  I am a bit behind!

We jumped back into American life fairly well.  I felt A LOT more exhausted coming back this year.  Not exactly sure why.  We veered away from our typical journey path and flew through Dubai.  It was a grand change of scenery and I am grateful we had that amazing opportunity to get our passports stamped with yet another country’s emblem.  The negative side of flying through Dubai is that one leg of the journey is 16 hours. ON THE PLANE!   SIXTEEN.  I do believe that there were more babies and toddlers on that plane than in a daycare center.  Fun times.

A few snaps from our QUICK tour of Dubai.  It was very hazy.  I think it was only 113 degrees that day.  We had to adjust because we were experiencing highs in the 70s in Zambia all summer.

We are next to the Arabian Gulf.

The Atlantis.  Not in our budget but nice to look at!  🙂

The children really enjoyed our trip to the aquarium.

Our fam at the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.  Yes, it is the same one you witnessed Tom Cruise hanging out on in Mission Impossible.

The view…

Dubai is an incredible city. It is modern, clean, and reeks of money.  The people were kind.  Of course we flew through in the midst of Ramadan.  Restaurants were closed until 7pm.  We were hungry but thankfully the hotel we stayed at is for travelers so there was a large curtain placed in front of the restaurant so weary (non- muslim)  travelers could get a bite to eat.

The other night we were driving through downtown Dallas at night.  I noticed the Lad looking intensely at the buildings.  He said, “Mom, those buildings have NOTHING on the ones in Dubai.”  True story, my son.  🙂

Horrible photo but it just goes to show you how humid it was that night.  Every time opened my camera lens, it would fog.  This is some of our fam with our travel buddy, Auntie Paige, just before we saw an amazing water fireworks show.  After the show, we went on to our 9pm apt. to go to the top of the tallest building in the world.  We were tired but thrilled to see so many things in such a short amount of time.  We also enjoyed dinner at P.F. Chengs in the HUGE mall.  Of course we had to wait until after 7pm.  It was almost identical to taste and even atmosphere (well, we did have a view of the Burj Khalifa….don’t get that in Dallas).  The only difference was the figs and FREE hot and sour soup they offered to break the fast.

At the airport…..It was so very modern and clean.


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