Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hand picked

As my children grow, my prayer has been for them to have Godly pals. Being a teacher in the small school district where my children also attend offers great insight in “good” and “not so good” friends. I see how the children interact with their parents (somewhat), hear them talk, and watch them make wise […]

Catch Up

Let us go back to August.  My whole family (my folks and my brother’s family) all attended a wedding of a close family friend.  It is rare to get a snap of ALL eight grandchildren.  First Day of School…. 8th grader, 7th grader, and a 4th grader.  And I am still in pre-k!  🙂 Pumpkin […]


I graduated from Baylor University 18 years ago and am ashamed to confess that this year was the first time I have made it back to the Homecoming festivities.   I am starting to question our actions.  Why on earth would we encourage our THREE children to fall in love with a private University?!?!?!?   […]

My Middle School Students

I really never imagined that I would enjoy having middle schoolers.  Of course I knew I would always love and adore my children. But enjoy them?  As middle schoolers?  Was not so sure about that.  But I do.  Oh I do!    There is so much good that comes with them growing up.  And emotional […]