My Middle School Students

I really never imagined that I would enjoy having middle schoolers. 

Of course I knew I would always love and adore my children. But enjoy them?  As middle schoolers?  Was not so sure about that. 

But I do.  Oh I do!    There is so much good that comes with them growing up. 

And emotional roller coasters.

And pain.

And chaos.

And my very own Mom taxi cab (Boy, I sure do take them here and there and there and here). 

Last week taking the kids to Baylor homecoming for the first time was the start of a realization that the kids ARE growing up and Mom and Dad visiting the kids at college is in the near future. 


Double Gulp. 

Add to this realization the fact that Pumpkin turned THIRTEEN on Halloween day and you have a momma feeling old and in disbelief.  I have had two of these children in my care for more than 13 years. That is a long time.  And then again, it is not. 

I am so proud of being the mom to this one:


And this one: 


And the is one:


Okay, so maybe she is not a teenager but who could leave this cute one out?!?!!?

Thank you Lord for the privilege of loving and raising these children. 

And Thank you Lord for giving me a partner in the endeavor!!




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