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As my children grow, my prayer has been for them to have Godly pals. Being a teacher in the small school district where my children also attend offers great insight in “good” and “not so good” friends. I see how the children interact with their parents (somewhat), hear them talk, and watch them make wise or unwise choices at school.
It is a blessing and a curse.
But really it is a gift to be such a part of my kids’ lives in the school setting. Of course I am not in the know with my middle schoolers as I am with my 4th grader who is on my campus.

Today Little Miss had two of her friends over to prepare for a trio tryout tomorrow. My heart was thrilled as I heard their sweet voices sing “Silent Night.” I was also thrilled to hear and watch them handle conflict. Yes, my child was the one who wanted to be the center of it all. I was impressed how the other two handled it and helped her through it. Little Miss did not win, she accepted it.
May all of my children continue to choose friends who will help them through things….to encourage them to make the right choices and hold them accountable to being like Christ.

Little Miss and two of her pals…

Pumpkin and one set of her best twin buddies…


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