Monthly Archives: January 2013

A gift on paper, in a person, in a picture

I will confess… I am soooooo not feeling joyful tonight.   Not at all.  I have been a teary-eyed mess all afternoon long.  I am so irritated. This is the first time I feel numb to God’s gifts.  And I do not have a good reason to be such a grumpy gal. Uuugh!!! I can think […]

3 Old Things Seen New

Oh good gravy!  I waited until PAST my bedtime to attack the Joy Dare.  I am done.  Brain fried.  Nerves shot.  Joy meter turned off.  Drats!  First time in 30 days!  My husband just suggested I go to bed and not attempt the dare tonight but I so don’t want to throw in the towel […]

A song heard, a soft word, light seen

A song heard: Even though I have heard it 2,209 times this week,  “Skip to my Lou” being played on the piano has made me smile every single time!  Hearing  it represents my daughter’s new  love and persistence in accomplishing a goal… And that rarely occurs! A soft word: “I love you mommy!” A light […]

In the Kitchen

1.  The view from my kitchen sink!  Double windows allow me to look out in two directions and take in the beauty of the day. 2.  Space.  The ease of storing and gathering items as needed and the ability to welcome all of my fam into the kitchen at the same time makes me happy.  […]


Gifts found in friends… 1.  Sweet companionship 2.  Faithfulness 3.  Closet Friends!  This sounds twisted, I KNOW.  But…..a few years ago, my sweet friend, Tiff and I discussed having “closet” friends and “porch” friends.  So often we find ourselves having a bucket full of friends we invite onto our porch and see the surface of […]

During the day…..

Gift before dawn: The first to wake up on a Sunday morning. Tranquility.  Quiet.  Knowing all are still snuggled in their beds… Last Sunday morning I was tiptoeing  in the dark through the house, flipping on the breakfast room lamp and gently greeting the puppies when I  looked out the front door window and saw […]

A grace borrowed, found, inherited

A GRACE BORROWED Time.  I am living on borrowed time.  Time on this earth is not my own. A GRACE FOUND Salvation in the Lord! A GRACE INHERITED Having a very very very rich Christian legacy has provided me with great motivation to leave an amazing legacy for my children.  And their children.  And their […]

3 Things Blue

1. The changing blue in the sky. 2.  The deep blue in the eyes of two of our three kiddos. 3.  The blue I see when I am looking up at my ceiling every morning is refreshing and relaxing.  It is like having a personal view of the sky.  Who would have thought I would […]

Gifts found in Christ

1. Salvation 2. Hope 3. Joy  

Wrinkled. Smoothed. Unfolded.

My mom’s hands are soft and teeny.  A few subtle wrinkles have started to appear on those fidgety hands.  The older she becomes (good thing I do not age) the more I am reminded of my Mammaw’s hands.  I find great delight clasping my hand over my mom’s hand just as I did with my […]