So very busy

It is rather obvious that I have not visited bloggyland much lately. 

My excuse? 

I have been busy.  Dreadfully busy!

Busy enjoying my precious family and having much needed time to rest and relax. 

Busy playing Words with Friends on my new iphone. 

Busy posting pictures from my ipone on facebook. 

Busy having internet at my fingerstips at all times. 

Maybe I am enjoying being an iphone owner.  I was so very very resistant to crossing over from owning an ancient phone (that could not even receive photos or group texts) to owning a smartphone. 

My life has been changed. 

And now I am working on halting an ugly addiction…

An addiction that just might hinder from me continuing to enjoy my precious children during this long winter break.  Now please excuse me as I go enjoy my iphone my children. 




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