Daily Archives: January 3rd, 2013

Three Graces Overheard Today

1.  The story of salvation in a friend’s life.  It is the gift of grace that keeps giving and giving.  Forgiveness of sin and knowing a savior has already paid the price.  Consequences!  Yes!  Pain?  Much!  Embarrassment?  Tons!  Grace? Unmeasurable! 2.  Chatter among my parents and my children.  My children are quickly becoming young adults […]

Inside, Outside, and on my Plate

Inside:  The warmth of my home….not just the temperature but the warmth I feel sharing this house with four of my greatest loves. Outside:  The frost on the windows indicating that is was right at the freezing level this morning.  Have I told you how much I love winter?!!?!?  We don’t get a true winter […]

Three Gifts Heard

My husband’s voice speaking words of love every morning.  “Do you know I love you?  I love you with all my heart! You are so very dear to me.” Children’s feet pounding on the hardwood floors this morning.  We are still on Christmas break so I was lounging in bed as my three lovelies started […]

The Joy Dare

Two summers ago while I celebrated my 40th birthday, my sweet friend sent a birthday gift with my husband to give to me on my big day while we were in Africa for the summer. That big day is a whole other post in itself but we will save it for another day….. My friend, […]