Three Graces Overheard Today

1.  The story of salvation in a friend’s life.  It is the gift of grace that keeps giving and giving.  Forgiveness of sin and knowing a savior has already paid the price.  Consequences!  Yes!  Pain?  Much!  Embarrassment?  Tons!  Grace? Unmeasurable!

2.  Chatter among my parents and my children.  My children are quickly becoming young adults and their ability to carry on pleasant conversations improve daily.  The Lord had given me the opportunity to enjoy my parents in my adulthood.  Thank you dear Lord!!!!  I absolutely do not deserve this role as a parent.

3.  “MOM!”  God has bestowed upon me a load of grace by giving me the title of mom.  My 13 year old calls me “Mummzy.”  I love it!!!!   I esp love it when she adds her British accent.



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