A gift of old, new, and blue

A Gift that is old…

The husband and I are very very blessed with strong Christian heritages.

We BOTH come from two lines of love and have a rich history of family and serving the Lord.  I am quite positive that our ancestors would be tickled pink that their legacy keeps going.  Leaving behind a legacy is my desire.

Along with a rich heritage came a few worldly possessions.  True, the memories, faith, and impact on our lives mean the WORLD to me.

BUT I am most certainly enjoying the benefits of having items for the past that also carry a history.

A few things old….


This pie safe came from my mother’s grandparent’s humble home.  As a child I remember this being in my grandparent’s utility room.  It was ugly with chipped pieces of wood and hints of multiple colors indicating personal preferences of family members.  It held small tools and household cleaners.  It eventually made its’ way to our garage and yet again held “ugly” stuff, mainly my mother’s gardening tools.  And THEN one day a new pie safe appeared in my mother’s kitchen.  I started drooling demanding I WANTED it NOW!

Mom informed me that it was that “ugly piece I was never interested in.”  I was doubtful I would ever be the owner.

I  did obtain it and I LOVE LOVE it.  I often envision my great grandmother putting real food in it prepared by her for her family.  I sure wish I knew what was her speciality!


This phone also came from my mother’s paternal grandparents.   I wonder who they called.  I adore this phone.  I was so hesitant to hang it in our previous houses because I feared it breaking.  But now that we found a house we love, it does indeed occupy a spot on the living room wall.


This piano was passed down from my husband’s paternal grandparents.  I do believe it dates to 1912.  But I am not certain.  All I know is that our dear Aunt EJ sat here for many hours in the fifties practicing and practicing with her talented mother close by.  This past Christmas I had the joy of listening to Aunt EJ teach my daughter on this very piano.  I like to think Grandmother Knight was smiling!!!!!


This bench belonged to the folks in the photo hanging above it.  I have been led to believe it was constructed by a friend of my great great grandfather in the late 1800’s.  I love it!


Something New!

My dining room!  I have never had a formal dining room…..which led to the purchase of a dining room table.  I so enjoy hosting people in my home.  I no longer have the excuse of  no space.


My Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  If you know me at all, you know I have a heart for blessing people with homemade goodies.  This will definitely be put to good use!!!!


Something Blue…


I can’t believe I have resorted back to blue.  My ridiculously large bathroom is painted blue and adorned with some of my greatest treasures/memories.  Having a blue bathroom makes me happy.

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