1.  I am reading:


There are only three  items here that I am actively reading at this time.  The little blue book entitled, Night is actually my 14 year old son’s winter break reading assignment.  He was having a difficult time engaging in the book so I picked it up to see if I could miraculously motivate him.  It worked!!!  To say that reading about an account of a Holocaust survivor brings me joy would be a big fat lie.  I am thankful for history.  My prayer is that the story of the Jews during World War II NEVER EVER repeats itself.  I will confess that having a deep historical conversation about real things, morbid but real,  with my son brings me joy.  I am inspired by who he is becoming.  I enjoy my time with him.  That brings me great joy!

I have vowed not to confess “a resolution” I have made.  I fear failure.  I fear that I will appear to be spiritual and holy in January then will be forced to wear a large L or a large F on my forehead by March.  LOSER!  FAILURE!  I will be completely and 100% honest about that Bible there on the stool.  I am forcing myself to read the Word daily. As I was reading last night I exclaimed, ” I am not enjoying this!”   Sad.  Pitiful.  The truth.  I have been torn for a few years about this view I have on reading the Bible.  I am embarrased,  stunned, and confused.  What does one do with that!?!?!  My new approach this year is to create a healthy habit.  I SOOOOOOOOO want to find joy in reading the Bible.  I am waiting.  I am longing.  I am  hopelessly flawed.  I have a redeemer.

2.  I am making:


I created this collage this afternoon.  I certainly discovered joy in creativity today.  It was even more delightful with my daughters!  Where oh where has my creative side been residing for the past 10 years?  I am more joyful about this b/c this is in my bedroom I share with the husband.  He printed off these photos (we had taken by an amazing American photographer while we were in Zambia this summer), picked out the frame, and presented it to me on our anniversary last Friday.  Yes, I painted it with his permission!  It is us.  That is JOY!

3.  I am seeing:


At this very moment this is what my eyes behold.  A mess.  In my kitchen.


If you know me, I do not do messy kitchen well.

So….the joy in this picture is that  my children are joyful in the freedom their mother gave them to create.  What you see here is the children playing “Chopped.”  My mother introduced the Food Network to my offspring and now this is their favorite thing to do together.  The youngest came seeking permission and when I relented her joyful yell, ” She said yes!  She said yes” blinded me from foreseeing the chaos in my kitchen.

But please excuse me now as I examine the damage in my kitchen.  And please excuse me while I discuss the “episode” of Chopped with my children.

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