What is in there?

What is in my bag? 

My school bag has been sitting lonely in a corner in my closet during this long Winter Break.  Lesson planners, idea books, paperwork, etc have remained untouched.  I have glanced at it many times during our long winter break and my mind says……”You have buckets of work to be done.”

My heart says  “Leave it alone.  Take a rest.”

I have not touched the bag.

We shall see how Tuesday morning fairs when I am greeted by my Littles and have not prepared an ounce.

I am thankful for this break.  The joy I have experienced by not following a schedule and being available to my family has thrilled me beyond words.

What is in my fridge?

Lots of goodies ready to be prepared for dinner guests tonight.  I rejoice in hosting.

What is in my heart?

My heart has hurt for the 20 families who did not have their first grader on Christmas morning.  My children have been extra close to my heart.  Motherhood is a GIFT.   I want to savor these growing children.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted January 6, 2013 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    I’m loving these blogs! Thank you for sharing. Will be watching daily for updates!!!

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