From people I love….

3 graces!

1.  The unconditional love of my husband.  It is sweet, fresh, and secure.

2.  Financial provisions from the Lord.  True, when we decided to be in full time ministry I was pretty certain I would be heavily involved, not working elsewhere full time.  A GOOD GOOD GOOD job was placed in my lap and I was extremely hesitant to accept.  But I did.  My job provides benefits for the family and a sense of financial stability (which pleases my husband).  The Lord was gracious when he placed me in my current place of employment.  I fail to display my gratitude at all times but I am very blessed to be where I am.

3.  The gifts from so many this holiday season!!!  My students were VERY generous!  Our family also went way beyond and gave us what we needed AND just wanted.

A few JOY gifts from my students:

-Starbucks gift cards GALORE!

-Panera Bread gift cards

-gift cards in general make us happy here at the Knightly Manor (Movie theater, Chili’s, Chick-fil-a, etc, etc.)

-a homemade cookie bouquet

-a cool letter art made with  silver thumb tacks

-sweet words of appreciation and adoration from parents

-a beautiful faith-filled bracelet


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