Light, Reflection, Shadow

Dusky Light

When I think of a dusky light, I am swept back to our time in Zanzibar in 2011 and imagine the sun completely disappearing before my very eyes over the Indian Ocean.  I have never seen anything like it.  One night on the beach I was trying to catch that perfect shot of the kids at the perfect time at the perfect spot.  Little Miss was not cooperating so I missed the timing perfection.  What amazed me, delighted me, surprised me, was the tranquility that arrived when the sun was just about 100% GONE.  I snapped a few shots but those photos do NO justice to what I was feeling.



Surprising Reflection

A mirror came to mind when I first read this prompt and that thought led me to think about my reflection in the mirror.  I am not saying I like my image….not at all.  But what I found in the mirror the other day sorta shocked me.  I saw my mother and a hint of my grandmother.  I am not thrilled about that fact indicating me aging.  I was actually appalled at the aging aspect.  I did, however, smile at the thought of how I would love to be molded more like my mother.  To reflect her gentleness, meekness, and wisdom.

Lovely Shadow

The sun shining in the mornings leaves all sorts of happies for me.  Nothing specific.  A shadow simply states that the sun is out and doing its job and something is blocking the rays.  Makes me think of our Savior, THE LIGHT,  and the sins of the mortal man stealing His show.

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