Above, Below, and Beside

The view ABOVE!  Today as I was in the school workroom I looked out the window.  Then I looked up.  The sun had finally popped out and was shining around the clear skies.  The rays on the wet cars and roads glistened.  The promise was once again revealed to me….the promise that the earth would never be flooded again.  I was however starting to think I should start gathering the gopher bark after 40 hours of  straight rain.

Having wood floors BELOW my feet that I did not have to choose, install, or pay for makes me happy.  Well, I am sure I paid for it in the total cost of the house but I am so tickled that the flooring in this house is something I prefer.

The people that live BESIDE us comfort us, support us, and love us.  I would like to admit that I know all of the neighbors well but I don’t. The ones I do know, I adore!  The family across the street has become the closest to us , especially due to the simple fact that they have kids.  Nobody else really close to our house has kiddos close in age to ours.   My husband’s ministry calls him away for long periods of time a few times a year.  Knowing for a fact that I have a support system close by is soothing to my nerves.  One neighbor fixed the shower head the very day the husband left one time.  Another husband came on duty to offer assistance in repairs too!   I am looking forward to building a true community with the people that do life along beside us.


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