3 gifts that might never have been

1.  Long overdue romance between yours truly and Knight in shining armor.  Long, drawn out, but in HIS perfect timing.  Love prevailed. Love beautiful.  Enduring.  My Knight was not gathering many checks on “the perfect mate” as I was finishing up my senior year and longing for a MRS degree along with my BS degree.   My Knight was serving, running, studying, laughing, and loving alongside me for three years.  I was blind.  Stupid.  Offered a plate full of grace.

2.  Raising support.  I certainly did not consider support raising for our salary a gift at first but over time it has brought forth amazing faith.  I would have NEVER chosen this route.  Being a missionary was always in my mindset ever since I said “I do” to the Knight in shining armor.  But surely the Lord would NEVER ask us to raise support.  Ha! I was wrong.

3.  Freshman year at a small private university.  I was heading to Baylor but somehow made a detour through Brownwood, Texas.  Hmmmmmm……the Lord certainly had his hand all over my young life.  Starting my journey to spread my wings at a smaller school served as a boost to mature me, mold me, prepare me for life at a bigger university, THEE University.  I absolutely fell in love with Baylor.  It was the right time.  Right major.  Right people (with a few exceptions).  Right activities.  Howard Payne NEVER would have been if I was in charge.  I cannot even tell you how I got there.  I don’t remember filling out the application.  I don’t remember NOT applying to Baylor.  The Lord was truly the light unto my path!!!!


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