Not the JOY DARE

Let us take a break from the JOY DARE….

As the bus full of these middle school girlies pulled in front of me at a stop sign after the tournament today, my heart was leaping with gratitude.



We are in the right place. No matter how big of a fit I have tried to throw, I am slapped in the face with the truth.  The truth that my kids are attending a public school (I said NEVER ) and me teaching in that public school and it is a good thing.  The right thing for us.  An unexpected good thing (I could add this to my gifts that might have never been if I made all the plans).   My children are thriving.  I am not a big fan of working but I LOVE being so involved with their education and extra activities.  Being a teacher in the small district allows me to be extra involved!!!

So….maybe I did not take a break from the JOY DARE!  See, I am finding JOY everywhere.

Thank you Lord for THAT gift!!!

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