Sky, Water, Memory


Tonight (this post was written on 1/14) the moon looks like a toenail.  Spotting the moon in different stages is rather fun.  How can I be still be so fascinated with the moon after seeing it shine in the night sky 40 plus years!?!?!?!



Having water at our fingertips when needed and/or desired.  No wells, no personal ponds, no sharing a watering hole.  Clean, warm water.  My appreciation of water has GREATLY increased as I witness life without it in third world countries.  I also witness illnesses manifesting in waters and working its way into innocent young bodies.  Sick.  Even death just from the lack of clean water.


Memory:  The gift of being blessed with so many pleasant ones!!! Unpleasant memories make me shudder and I am thankful for so many happy ones to smother the ugly ones.

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