During the day…..

Gift before dawn:

The first to wake up on a Sunday morning. Tranquility.  Quiet.  Knowing all are still snuggled in their beds…

Last Sunday morning I was tiptoeing  in the dark through the house, flipping on the breakfast room lamp and gently greeting the puppies when I  looked out the front door window and saw hints of sunlight.   After I released the dogs outside to do their business, I made my way back to our bedroom and caught a glimpse of my beloved still snoozing.  Waking up before him is very very rare.  My love for him made me smile.

Gift at noon:
Nourishment!  A small break between my two classes allows me to gobble down food and take a few deep breaths and even get a few tasks completed.

Gift after dark: 

Kids tucked in and prayed for.  Lunches made.  Alarm set.  Dogs stealing the last few minutes of snuggling with humans before going to their bed.  Kisses for the husband.  We are alone.  Going to sleep knowing that HIS mercies are new every morning.




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