A gift on paper, in a person, in a picture

I will confess…

I am soooooo not feeling joyful tonight.   Not at all.  I have been a teary-eyed mess all afternoon long.  I am so irritated. This is the first time I feel numb to God’s gifts.  And I do not have a good reason to be such a grumpy gal. Uuugh!!!

I can think of a few gifts in a person today:

My co-worker, Ali saw my tears and told me to ditch carpool and take a break.

My precious aide, Charity attacked me with the biggest sympathetic hug ever!

Hugs from my preschoolers.  Oh how I love them!  I found great comfort in their affection today.

A gift on paper?

Nothing!  Not today.  Well, I JUST got a text as I wrote “NOTHING” and it contained sweet words of encouragement from my other aide.  Can that count as paper?  It was a sweet gift and I am counting it!

In a picture?

hmmmm……..nothing new today.  Of course photos of my babes are a delight to peek at everyday.


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