Monthly Archives: February 2013

Trusting the Future

3 Gifts from the Past That Help me Trust the Future 1.  Living a very frugal life when I had the honor and privilege of being a stay at home mom.  2.  The husband not having direction in his career in our early years of marriage!  It was a long wait.  The wait molded my […]


Ugly-beautiful, an oxymoron for sure. But what does that entail?  What does it look like?  Can I view ugly things and label as beautiful? If we see through the lens of Christ then ALL things are full of beauty because he transforms all. God is always good and we are always loved. Now to live […]

3 Gifts Seen as a Reflection

Today is my Daddy’s birthday so I have to tie my love and admiration of him into my joy dare post.  I see a glimpse or two of my daddy when I look into my adult life.  I crave his wisdom.  I adore how he loves his grandchildren.  ALL 8!!! Our twins!  My precious nephews […]

Worn Out, Brand New, and Made-Do

My legs are WORN OUT!  Unfortunately they have been worn out for quite some time.  The wear and tear started when I ran many miles in high school as I competed in long distance track and cross country.  My first pregnancy definitely tore my legs apart.  The swollen veins still remain.  Teaching younger children full […]

Gifts before 11am

…peaceful breakfast alongside the husband, munching on homemade cranberry orange scones (made by my beloved) and sipping Irish Cream coffee.  Add reading the Sunday newspaper to that mix and you have ultimate Sunday morning bliss! Having the floors swept and mopped before church allowed me to relax and focus on the WORD at church!  Often […]

A gift of tin, glass, and wood

I actually could not come up with diddly squat.  I even went to bed still pondering.  Tin?  I am clueless.  So…..I am going to veer off a bit and say a gift of metal.  My own car!  While in Zambia every summer, we have to depend on other folks for transport.  I was not fond […]

3 Gifts that Changed Today

Pumpkin asked to go to FCA camp when the information first came home a few weeks ago but we just could not find it in our budget to send her.  Last night we were informed that an opening was available FOR FREE!!!  Her plans changed this weekend and she was thrilled!!!! A quick trip home […]

Gifts of White

Due to experiencing an AMAZING unexpected gift tonight, I am writing WAY late!  I am not up for writing much tonight so a very quick list is what will be produced…. 3 Gifts of White: 1.  puffy clouds against the blue sky 2.  stack of clean, white towels 3.   milk spilling into a cup


A gift at breakfast time:  The Lad treated his sister (and himself) to donuts.  Donut runs might not be the healthiest of choices but it sure gets those kiddos up and going.  Too bad Pumpkin was at school running a mile while we indulged in donut goodiness. A gift at lunch time:  An extra early […]

Plan B

Plan B’s are obviously not our first choice but often times turn out to be THE BEST PLAN. A few plan B’s in our lives that have actually been gifts… After a rough experience teaching up in Maryland, I decided I would NEVER EVER teach in a public school again.  I was wrong.  My public […]