Three Gifts on Paper

1.  I just remembered that in our extra garage sits a box with the words “Letters from my beloved” written in big bold permanent marker.

Shortly after the husband asked me for my hand in marriage he moved up to DC and I remained in Texas to teach one more semester as our wedding date approached. Long distance phone calls were not overly cheap and cell phones were not near as prevalent as they are today.  Email was just popping up but it certainly was not a reliable source of communication for us (nearly weds).  So good old snail mail was rather active between Grapevine, TX and Georgetown, District of Columbia.  I had already said “Yes” to my man but I truly got to know him through reading his words, his thoughts, his heart.  I will forever treasure those words on paper.

I predict a reading party happening in the very very near future.

2.  Our Love Story.  The husband wrote our love story in novel form as our wedding day neared.  Granted, he never completely finished but I still enjoy remembering over half of it as I read his words.  Our story is not over….so there is more to the script!

3.  The drawings/paintings that belong to my young ones!  They are not so young any more and their artwork is gradually dwindling.  I will treasure the items kept and look forward to their more mature notes that replace the drawings and paintings.


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