A gift stitched, a gift hammered, a gift woven

a gift stitched


The collection of quilts made by various members of my family.  I am certain my great-grandmother spent hours hand-stitching those large quilts and was clueless that her great-great-grandchildren would one day lie beneath them.   What a gift to have quilts passed down from not only my grandmothers but ALSO my husband’s family.  I love love love having these handmade gifts to warm my family.  100 years of family love!

A gift hammered 

I am struggling with this one.  Surely I could list another handmade wooden item passed down from one generation to another.  Or I could reminisce about my time in Africa witnessing  EVERYTHING  being created by hand.  Building a house takes such man power.  No machines.  So simple, so hard, so tedious, so primitive.  What a gift modern tools are in our America.  Efficiency is also lacking in Africa and EVERY SINGLE visit I make, I am reminded again and again how blessed we are to live in a culture that values efficiency and a strong work ethic.  I know the strong work ethic is questionable but you will appreciate my observation if you have ever been to a third world country, esp an African one.

A gift woven


Yes, another inheritance.  Are ya catching a theme here?  Many of my “gifts” are material items but in reality they mean so much more to me.  I am unable to adequately express my gratitude for the long line of love I come from.  The husband has almost an identical story when it comes to a long line of love.  Quite the inheritance.  Keepsakes.  Memories.  Legacy.

Family is a BIG BIG BIG gift and I am thankful for every reminder of my rich heritage.


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